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Ash Cave

The wheelchair accessible trails of Ash Cave gorge offer many of the same geological views as the steep entry gorges throughout the Hocking Hills State Park system.

As featured in this photographic tour, the Ash Cave wheelchair accessible trail is under a canopy of trees as the stream side trail pass by boulders and rock bluffs until the handicap wheel chair accessible trail ends at one of the most scenic vantage points of Ash Cave and it's towering waterfall.

For those who desire more extensive hiking beyond the Ash Cave Gorge and Ridge trails, the trail junction at the top of the Ash Cave waterfall is actually the start of a three mile portion of the Ohio Buckeye trail that extends from Ash Cave to Cedar Falls. 

The first couple miles the Buckeye trail is isolated as it travels through sloping hills under the canopy of the forest.  The second half of the trail is a shaded grassy access road at times with the trail crossing one roadway between Ash Cave and the Cedar Falls parking lot.  The trail is rated at 1 1/2 hours traveling one direction.   The most scenic portion of this Buckeye Trail within Hocking Hill State Park actually continues an additional three miles through the gorge from Cedar Falls to Old Man's cave with the total six mile portion rated 3 1/2 hours traveling one direction.












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a2:    Stream side wheelchair accessible trails
a3:    Small cave within the gorge wall
a4:    Small Caves near the wheelchair accessible trails
a5:    Initial view of Ash Cave
Overall view of Ash Cave and the end of the handicap wheelchair accessible trail
Ash Cave of Hocking Hills State Park
Skipping stones at the Ash Cave Waterfall
Size of Ash Cave
Seasons of Ash Cave
Vantage point views of Ash Cave