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Old Man's Cave
of Hocking Hills State Park

Three trails from the Old Man's Cave Welcome Center of Hocking Hills State Park enter the 1 mile section of the gorge which make up the Old Man's Cave recreational area.

This photographic tour enters the Old Man's Cave gorge from the Lower Falls entrance, then visits Broken Rock Falls, Lower Falls, Old Man's Cave, Middle Falls, and Upper Falls before exiting back to the Welcome Center.

Directly behind the Old Man's Cave Welcome Center is the trail to the Lower Falls entrance where our tour begins.










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o2:    View after descending first stairway of Lower Falls Entrance
o3:    View of the 2nd set of stairs descending into the gorge
o4:    Junction of the "un-mark" trail to Broken Rock Falls
o5:    Scenic overview of trail
o6:    Video of not leaving the trail
o6.5 Trail approaching Broken Rock Falls
o7:    First glimpse of Broken Rock Falls
o8:    Cascading waterfalls
o9:    Broken Rock Falls
o10:  Broken Rock Falls Basin
o11:  Lower Fall in the summer
o12:  Lower Falls in the late fall
Lower Falls within the Old Man's Cave Gorge
o14:  Old Man's Cave of Hocking Hills State Park
o15:  Middle Falls Basin
o16:  Middle Falls
o17:  Old Man's Cave vantage point
Tunnel toward Upper Falls
o19:  Sweet Photo Spot
o20:  Trail to Upper Falls
o21:  Cave near Upper Falls
o22:  Upper Falls / Upper Ridge Trail Junction
023:  Upper Falls
o24:  Exit to the Old Man's Cave / Hocking Hill State Park Welcome Center